PassioCarbon Energized, an esteemed technical underwear brand, changes its face. An evolution that begins with a new image and a new name, Undershield, which wants to express all the technology and protection that the brand intends to offer to sportsmen. The thermoregulation of the body, stimulated by our technical leaders, is an essential need not only for motorcyclists who have so far relied on Carbon Energized products, but for anyone who practices physical activity with the aim of improving their well-being and performance: from runners to cyclists, from skiers to fitness lovers, but also for those who want cutting-edge protective clothing in the colder season. The exclusive fabric, patented after years of research in the race fields and born from the union of the Carbon Energized and Dryarn fibers, allows each athlete to in fact balance the temperature of his body during the activity, promoting perspiration. The effects are immediately noticeable: it improves breathing, heart rate and, consequently, also sports performance. An innovative technology that meets the needs of a new, wider audience to accomplish the same mission: to allow every sportsman to always give his best.


With the aim of creating a line of technical garments that would help athletes always give their best, Under Shield has developed an exclusive fabric that is the result of the union of the Carbon Energized Fiber and Dryarn fibers: an innovative yarn that meets the needs of breathability, comfort and technique, actively acting on the body's thermoregulation. An extraordinary result obtained thanks to an inimitable know-how, the desire for innovation and the great passion of its owners. The scrupulous selection of the fibers, the attention to every detail and the continuous technological improvement are the bases with which Under Shield develops every day technical garments of the highest level that allow athletes to perform at their best.