The Carbon Energized Fiber CEF associated with Dryarn is a combination of high performance fibers. A combination of innovative yarns that offer the wearer comfort, technology and practicality. Lightweight, insulating, breathable, Carbon Energized and Dryarn Polypropylene is the best ally of sports performance for an athlete and more.


    The combination of Carbon Energized Fiber and Dryarn® polypropylene allows to improve the parameters of the body during physical activity.

    Carbon Energized Fiber allows in fact to expel the liquids generated by perspiration outside the fabric, favoring perspiration and reducing moisture on the skin.

    Carbon Energized Fiber acts on the body and stabilizes the body temperature, decreasing the sense of heat and fatigue.

    The athlete immediately perceives the effects of better thermoregulation: heart rate decreases and breathing improves.

    How does Carbon Energized Technology work when body temperature rises?

    When the athlete's body increases the temperature due to stress or due to environmental or physical conditions, the root of the tissue molecules open, favoring perspiration and favoring the migration of liquids to the outside.

    On the contrary, when the temperature drops, the root closes, preserving a thin layer of air between the skin and the tissue that helps keep the body temperature stable.

    It has been shown that Carbon Energized Fiber garments increase technical performance with a greater guarantee of muscle protection and strength thanks to the high conductivity of the C.E.F. in the medium / long period of use.

    From the experience in the textile-engineering field, a new innovative fabric is born, created to improve the performance of amateur and competitive sportsmen: C.E.F. "Carbon Energized Fiber". Under Shield® garments are made from an exclusive combination of yarns with unique technical characteristics


    The union of textile fibers with a continuous filament of conductive material based on Carbon Energized - Active Carbon, which acts on Human Thermodynamics, to improve the performance of every sportsman.

    DRYARN® A fabric that is more breathable than polyester, more insulating than wool and lighter than any other fiber. DRYARN®, A LIGHTNESS THAT GIVES WEIGHT TO WELL-BEING. The same Dryarn® garment can weigh: -32% compared to the wool equivalent -34% compared to the equivalent polyester garment. In the presence of mild sporting activity Dryarn® manages the flow of perspiration vapor in such a way as not to unbalance the thermoregulation system and keep the skin dry.


    STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® is one of the best known labels in the world for fabrics tested for harmful substances.

    It stands for customer confidence and high product safety.

    If a textile article carries the STANDARD 100 label, you can be sure that every component of this article, i.e. every thread, button and other accessories, has been tested for harmful substances and that the article is therefore harmless in human ecological terms. . In many cases the limit values for STANDARD 100 go beyond national and international requirements.


    Our DRYARN® and ProlenВ® fibers are Ecosustainable for a better world. The UNDER SHIELD® family has decided to take an Ecosustainable path by carefully choosing their own fibers and the entire production cycle, reducing to the minimum the usage of electricity for production. We care a lot about our environment that's why we behave and produce our underwear with the most respect
    for nature in order to preserve it the way we inherited it for our future needs.

    PROLENВ®YARN, DRYARN® and its productions do not pollute the environment (water, air or soil). During the production of our underwear only a small amount of water is used (as opposed to cotton, to produce 1 kg up to 11 liters of water). We use the lowest temperature which uses up to 45% less energy. No pesticides or toxic dyes are used to produce our garments.

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    When wearing UNDER SHIELD®. garments, the fluctuation in body heat caused by physical activity is three times less volatile compared to polyester garments, maintaining a steady, comfortable temperature.


    Carbon Energized Technology can lower an athlete's heart rate by 4 beats per minute compared to polyester.


    UNDER SHIELD® garments help improve respiratory efficiency, reducing oxygen intake requirements by 3 liters per minute on average.


    Fabric with Carbon Energized Technology can reduce the production of lactic acid in capillary blood by up to 12% compared to other garments


    Seamless garment construction protects the body and supports muscles in strategic points while leaving you unrestricted and free to move in every direction.


    The wicking of sweat away from the body keeps skin dry, ensuring that bacteria don't build up, thanks to the unique composition of CEF fabric.


    UNDER SHIELD® garments wick sweat away from the skin, drawing it along the material's fibers. Once perspiration reaches the surface of the fabric, it evaporates quickly and efficiently.


    UNDER SHIELD® garments wick sweat away from the skin, drawing it along the material's fibers. Once perspiration reaches the surface of the fabric, it evaporates quickly and efficiently.

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