Collection: ALPINE

Buy our sports underwear online designed for mountaineering and winter sports.

How to dress for those who practice mountaineering or other winter sports? For mountain sports it is essential to wear high quality and resistant sports underwear. Whether you are a beginner or a professional what you need is a tank top or underwear that are breathable and allow thermal regulation.

Our innovative fabric given by the union of Carbon Energized Fiber and Dryarn® polypropylene allows you to expel sweat during sports and keep the skin dry thanks to its high breathability characteristics.

In addition to keeping the skin dry, our sports underwear products act on thermal regulation by stabilizing the body temperature and reducing the sense of fatigue. The fibers dilate causing heat and fluids to escape when the body is heating up while they shrink while keeping the heat inside when the body is lowering the temperature. Stay cool and dry in moments of greatest stress and warm during breaks from sports.

For mountain sports underwear, Under Shield offers you its men's and women's catalog, undershirts with short or long sleeves, perforated tank tops, trousers, underwear briefs and women's bras. Thanks to the seamless textile technology, our products have no seams, further improving comfort during sports activities, whether at low or high temperatures. You will not feel the annoying burns from rubbing and can concentrate only on giving your best during your mountain hikes and enjoying the #BeUnbeatable landscape.